Friday 4.15.11 Lenten Reflection by Bob Webb

Bob Webb has been a member of The Church of the Resurrection for over ten years and is a member of a RezDowntown Small Group (“Best Small Group Ever!”). He also serves on the RezDowntown Advisory Team, the Missions Committee, and is Head Usher for the RezDowntown Usher Team.

What inspires you? For me, it’s a crisp, well-turned double play in the bottom of the ninth with the game on the line. It’s a selfless random act of kindness or the willingness of a firefighter or police officer to risk life and limb to save others in the face of danger. Inspiration comes from a Monet landscape, a solo cello concerto by Yo Yo Ma, a stirring valedictory speech or a Sonora Desert sunset. Yes, inspiration takes many forms.

A couple of years ago, Pastor Adam Hamilton spoke about his vision to see a hundred families relocate from Johnson County to downtown Kansas City to form a base membership for a Resurrection campus in the heart of the urban core. It was an inspiring sermon. My wife Stacey and I had always thought it would be “cool” to move downtown, and we wished we could be a part of that movement. However, we knew in our hearts that there were just too many obstacles to overcome to make that dream a reality.

As weeks and months passed, the inspiration didn’t fade. Something more was taking shape. There was an inner voice that kept prodding, reminding, questioning, in spite of all of the hurdles that needed to be crossed.

So what obstacles were blocking our path? 1) A consulting job that wasn’t paying the bills; 2) a house that needed a new roof; 3) that same house needed to be sold in a down market; 4) a son blessed with lots of friends attending a suburban high school; and 5) a neurotic Dalmatian dog with a lot of issues who probably wouldn’t thrive in an urban setting.

But through prayer, and by the grace of God, each hurdle was overcome. A spring hail storm and insurance took care of the roof issue. We were able to sell our house within a few weeks of putting it on the market. We became empty-nesters when our son graduated from high school and went off to college. Sport, our Dalmatian, passed away due to complications from surgery, and though we miss him dearly, he would not have been happy in an urban environment! Career-wise, I was offered and accepted the best job I’ve ever had with the best company I’ve ever worked for, all within a matter of months.

In October 2009, we moved into a sixth floor loft in Western Auto # 2 and joined the Sisneys and Wilsons in responding to God’s calling and Adam’s vision. Living the life of a loft dweller downtown has been a dream come true. We felt inspired by God through Pastor Adam to be part of the growth and development of RezDowntown, and God literally moved mountains to make it happen.

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