Saturday 6.25.11 Insight from Jason Huwe

Jason Huwe is Resurrection’s minister for Young Adults and College Life.  He has attended Resurrection since 2007 and has been on staff about 2 years.  He enjoys ping pong, Dr. Pepper and cheering on his Nebraska Cornhuskers.

It is so comforting to have hope in the coming kingdom of God.  Jesus’ promise to his disciples and to us has been a regular source of hope through the centuries for people all over the world.  Much like an upcoming trip to Disneyworld or your next big vacation, the anticipation of the kingdom is half of the excitement.  What will it really be like?  Who will I see there? Will they have my favorite food from that one restaurant that closed down a couple years ago? To anticipate with excitement is a good thing.

It’s not the only thing, however.  Sometimes when I find myself in conversation with my Christian friends, I find that their primary reason for being a Christian is to get into heaven one day. While the promise of heaven is truly great, there is so much more joy to be captured as part of the Christian faith.

It can be easy to treat the acceptance of Jesus into our lives as the greatest insurance policy of all time. Eternity? I’m covered. But please don’t forget the immediate benefit of a personal relationship with God: the personal relationship with God. Before I knew Jesus, I was a sinner with no business talking to the Creator of the universe. Before I knew Jesus, that sin separated me from Him. Before I knew Jesus, the Holy Spirit did not enter into my life.

Then I asked Jesus to come into my life and things changed.

Because of Jesus, I have proof that the God of the universe loves me beyond measure. Because of Jesus, my sin is completely wiped away (read that again and just think about it for a second). Because of Jesus, the chasm that existed between me and God because of my sin is gone. Because of Jesus, I can openly come to God with my problems. Because of Jesus, the Holy Spirit fills my soul and works inside of me. Because of Jesus, I don’t have to find my worth in my job, the number of friends I have or the size of my bank account. Now I find my worth in being a child of God, wholly loved and never forgotten. Because of Jesus, I don’t have to keep this joy to myself but am free to share it to others because it never runs out.

The Bible tells of a group of people who eagerly waited in anticipation as well. They waited for a King who would save their people and change everything. They anticipated this King for hundreds of years. And then that King finally came. He was Jesus.

The effect of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection was greater than anything those who waited could have imagined; a personal relationship with God. Let us joyfully anticipate the second coming of our Lord and the many unknown wonders that will accompany that day. But let us not forget that we are living in a day that fulfilled the anticipation of those long ago, and the great gift of grace that we don’t have to wait for.

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