Monday 6.27.11 Insight from Rev. Andrew Conard

Andrew ConardRev. Andrew Conard is a Christian, husband, father, son, brother, friend, United Methodist and also a pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection Online. You can follow him on Twitter at@andrewconard or read his blog, Thoughts of Resurrection at

Dishonesty and lying is one of the characteristics that breaks down relationships. In a friendship, marriage or co-worker relationship hiding the truth from someone can become burdensome and more and more difficult. It is possible to deceive others through our words or perhaps through not saying things that could be shared at a given moment.

In my own life, I find it frustrating when I find out that someone has been deceptive to me, especially around questions of someone’s identity. Not telling the truth about one’s own identity causes trouble for Aladdin in the movie and it can cause problems for us as well. There are many different ways that we can try to show ourselves in a good light – through career, family, home, vacations and many other things. Trying to show something to others that I am someone who I am not never leads to good.

Part of the good news of Jesus Christ is that we do not have to hide our identity. Each one of us are daughters and sons of God. We are made in God’s image. Regardless of the ways that we mess up, we have the opportunity to confess, receive forgiveness and begin again as a child of God.

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