Wednesday 3.21.12 Insight from Angela LaVallie

Angela LaVallie is the Member Connection Program Director at The Church of the Resurrection. She provides oversight to our member connection efforts through the Connection Point, the Weekday Hospitality Team, Coffee With the Pastors, the New Member Team and our Spiritual Gifts Placement Team.

In today’s passage, the disciples expect Jesus to feed the crowd, and he tells them to do it. It is the same today; sometimes, it’s is difficult to differentiate between God’s power and our own. Although I believe God still performs miracles today, so often God works through people to accomplish his purpose. God has given us gifts and talents and passions so that we can serve others and do his work on earth.

I sometimes get frustrated that God doesn’t intervene miraculously when I pray for things, but then I realize how much better so many things would turn out if everyone were using what God gave them to make a difference. God gave us all free will, and it is up to all of us to make the right choices. Part of living in a broken, sinful world is that not everyone chooses to do what is best. But together, those who make who do small things will make a big impact.

I have recently started using Pinterest, the online “pin board”,  and I saw a quote that reminded me of this concept. It said something like “Sometimes when I see people who are hungry, sick, homeless, and hurting, I want to ask God why he doesn’t do something about it. But I am afraid he will ask me the same thing.”

Each time we take to see the difference God makes through people, I think it makes it that much easier to trust that God knows what he is doing.