Tuesday 3.27.12 Insight from Rev. Molly Simpson

Rev. Molly Simpson is the campus pastor at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection West.

Last night at Alpha, we spent time with the question, “Does God Still Heal Today?”  While talking about the forms that God’s healing takes, one man observed that sometimes the greatest healing that Christ offers us is to be healed spiritually–to be made right with God.

Certainly these lepers experienced Jesus’ power in being physically healed.  The end of their leprosy meant that they were free!  They would no longer be marginalized and shunned to the edges of their community.  Their disease no longer compromised their health.

But the one leper that returned to thank Jesus points us towards the greater healing that can come when we are not only made physically well but when our hearts are made right too.

Make a list of the ways that God has brought you healing in some form in this last year.  It may be big or small, physical or relational or emotional.  Maybe you know of others who have experienced God’s healing.  Make a list and stop to pray a prayer of gratitude to the Healer who offers us everything.