Tuesday 10.30.12 Insight from Rev. Karen Lampe

Rev. Karen Lampe serves as Executive Pastor of Congregational Care at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

Our Congregational Care ministries have been blessed over and again by generous individuals who give weekly of themselves as our team of volunteers continues to grow and thrive.  Over eighty individuals now serve across all of our campuses as Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs).  They give an enormous amount to our faith community as they lead groups, make hospital calls, help with special services, and help with continued care as individuals face difficult situations.  We are blessed beyond measure by this group.

Beyond our CCMs there are others who give enormous amounts of times for our quarterly Blood Drive, make quilts and shawls for our care ministries, write weekly prayer notes, serve as job and financial coaches, deliver meals to those in crisis, make up our special Christmas baskets for those who are going through financial struggles …..and the list goes on and on.

We have great days of ministry through our Congregational Care through our devoted staff, pastors and most importantly our volunteers.

No amount of praise is enough as they make a difference daily.

Your ongoing financial support makes our congregational care possible to people with needs every day of the year!

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