Wednesday 11.28.12 Insight from Angela LaVallie

Angela LaVallie is the Member Connection Program Director at The Church of the Resurrection. She provides oversight to our member connection efforts through the New Member Welcome Team,  and our Spiritual Gifts Placement Team.

We need the church, and the church needs us. Not just some of us, but all of us. Several places in the New Testament, we are told that all Christians are given spiritual gifts to be used to build up the church. If we are not using our gifts, we are denying what God created us to do and cheating our Christian brothers and sisters (and those in our community and around the world whom we serve). If our pastors had decided not to use their gifts of preaching and shepherding, where would our church be? How many more people would be hurting if our Congregational Care Ministers denied their gift of compassion? What would your life look like if those with the gifts of teaching or administration decided not to hold classes or organize events? What would our community look like if those with the gift of serving failed to organize missions programs and partner with the shelters and schools in Kansas City?
I am blessed to work with our Spiritual Gifts ministry here at Resurrection. We offer a four-week class where participants spend three weeks discovering their spiritual gifts and how those gifts combined with their talents, resources, personalities, dreams, and past experiences work together. On the fourth week, we help participants see how what they learned the previous three weeks enable them to serve in specific ways within the church or the community. It is amazing to see how much more effectively people are able to serve when they can start to narrow down what makes them blossom and thrive.
I have often heard it said that in most churches, twenty percent of the congregation does eighty percent of the work to keep the church going. I am thankful to be a part of a church where, if I had to guess, I would say that more than twenty percent of our congregation at Resurrection is serving in some way—whether in the church or as a representative of the church in the community. I don’t know how much of our congregation is serving, but I know that we are doing a lot of amazing things in Jesus’ name. Can you imagine how much more we could accomplish if every single one of us were using our God-given gifts to build up the church and serve the community?
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