Monday 12.31.12 Insight from Jeanna Repass

Jeanna Repass serves as the Kansas City Missions Program Director at Resurrection.

My Father’s Father was the Reverend John Orduna. He went home to heaven four years ago. He was a Pastor and a builder. He built his home, which my Grandmother Orduna still lives in today and he built his own church which sits in the lot next door to the home he built. In his final days, I took my children to Omaha to see him. He and my youngest son Christian had a bond instantly. Before we left, we gathered to pray and right before we walked out of the house, Christian paused by Grandpa’s chair and my Grandfather put his hand on Christian’s chest and said, “I sense that God has put something special inside of this one.”

At the time, I really did not think much of what my Grandfather said about Christian. I knew he was in his last days and that he may have been speaking nonsense or simply being kind to us as we left. But on the 3-hour ride home between Omaha and Overland Park my husband and I began to reflect on the visit with Grandpa. Kyle asked me to repeat to him what Grandpa had said. So I told him and expected my VERY practical and pragmatic husband to very practically tell me that Grandpa was delusional or getting confused in his final hours. But Kyle surprised me by saying that he thought it was awesome that Grandpa Orduna placed a blessing and prophesy on Christian before he died.

“Blessing and prophesy…say what?!?” OK – who are you and what did you do with my husband?

Christian will turn nine the day after tomorrow and to this point, he is a very normal 3rd grade boy. He has some great qualities and a very distinct personality, but to date, I can not say that I have seen the “something special” that God has put upon Christian as my Grandfather said. It’s not that I’m a doubting Thomas, it’s just that today, my little Christian is still potential yet unleashed. I can’t help thinking about Mary and Joseph in the temple in Jerusalem. Not only have they been visited by Angels who were full of information about their son including his name; but now a flesh and blood man at the end of his life comes up to them and places his hands on their child to bless the child and prophesy about him. At the time they ran into Simeon in the temple, Jesus was not walking on water yet. He was a normal Jewish baby they had to feed and care for. But he was also the savior of the world, a “light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of (God’s) people Israel.” Luke 2:32. Even though I can not see Christian’s future, I can have faith that God indeed has special plans for him – as He does for all of my children – as He does  for us all. Like Mary and Joseph, seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. In this new year – 2013 –  may we all see  the light of the world, choosing to walk by faith and not by sight. Amen.

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