06.21.16 – Insights from Ally Drummond

 Ally Drummond PictureAlly Drummond is currently serving as a Congregational Care intern at the Church of the Resurrection. She is a sophomore at the University of Missouri—Kansas City, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Family Studies. Ally loves exploring and experiencing all things Kansas City!

My family owns two dogs–one is a Great Dane and the other is a mastiff mix. Growing up, though, we had two Labrador Retrievers–a black one named Boo and a yellow one named Cameron. I remember one winter night where their love and loyalty for each other and the rest of the family was apparent to us all.

My family had just come home and immediately let the dogs out in the backyard. We have a pool in our backyard, and since it was winter, there was a black tarp covering the empty pool. A few minutes after letting the dogs outside we started to hear incessant barking. After not being able to tame the barking from inside the house, my Dad finally went outside and found Cameron running around the perimeter of the pool. Cameron was desperately trying to show him Boo had fallen into the pool, but Dad couldn’t see this right away because the dark winter  night sky and the black tarp camouflaged Boo. Even after my Dad realized what had happened and came to Boo’s aid, Cameron faithfully stayed next to her, crying for help and never abandoning Boo’s side until they were safely reunited, at which time they affectionately embraced one another. Dogs are able to model for us an unconditional love that we only find in the Lord. A kind of love that is never wavering and always present.

Both scripture passages from Psalm and Hebrews speak of this idea–God will never abandon us. I feel as if many Christians struggle to fully grasp the sort of faith He calls us to have in Him. In Psalm 13, David cries out to the Lord, because he realizes he can only overcome his downfalls by placing all his trust in the Lord. It takes courage to be as faithful in God as David is being. In Hebrews 13, we are being reminded that no amount of worldly possessions can replace or separate us from the steadfast love that God can provide. Both scriptures act as reminders for us to place all our faith in the Lord, because He will never abandon us.

How amazing is it that God loves us so relentlessly that He still calls us to be His children despite all we have done? No matter what pit we fall into, God will always be right by our side, calling us to reach out to Him. Just as Cameron desperately did as much as she could to save Boo from her fall, God will never stop pursuing us, despite all our faults and shortcomings. It’s nearly impossible to grasp that sort of unconditional love, but our call as Christians invites us to have faith in this steadfast love and pursuit, which we can only find in the Lord.

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