06.28.16 – Insights from Randy Greene

Randy Greene serves in the Communications ministry as the Digital Media Specialist. He helps develop and maintain the church’s family of websites.

Today’s reading is a tough one for me. I have this tendency to be hyper-rational, so when I think about a disconnect between what I want to do versus what I actually do, my immediate instinct is to tell myself “Suck it up, Randy! Mind over matter! If your flesh doesn’t want to cooperate, just force it into submission!”

That’s an easy thing for me to tell myself when I’m considering sin as this vague, abstract idea, but when I start plugging in the individual sins that I struggle with, I am struck with the reality of what Paul is saying.

“I know I should respond with grace when someone yells at me,” Paul says, “but when I’m caught in the moment, I respond in defensiveness and anger anyways.”

“I know that I should be engaged in intentional community with my neighbors,” he confesses, “but when I get home from work, I’m so tired… and the weekends are the one time I get to relax… and I’m not much of an extrovert anyways, so I’ll just wait for my neighbors to come to me.”

As I think about the list of sins that plague me, I begin to despair – just as Paul did. In verse 24 of our passage, he says, “I’m a miserable human being. Who will deliver me from this dead corpse?” (this one’s a real quote, not me putting words in Paul’s mouth). But that’s when I remember, just as Paul did, that the grace of God covers me. No matter how often I fail or how far I fall, the steadfast love of God draws me close. God loves me, wraps me in his arms and calls me his beloved child – even in the midst of my flaws.

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