12.16.16 – Insight from Darren Lippe

Darren_LippeDarren Lippe helps facilitate Journey 101 “Loving God” classes, guides a 7th-grade Sunday school class, is a member of a small group & a men’s group, and serves on the Curriculum team.

Being a compulsive list maker I was intrigued to read of a recent archeological “find” of reputed “To Do” lists made in the Biblical era.

There were lists that had been completed:

  • Adam & Eve – Eat Healthier – Add fruit to diet
  • Noah – Buy Umbrellas.  And ponchos.  And galoshes.

And, some that hadn’t been fulfilled:

  • Moses – Buy Map of Wilderness
  • Joseph – Make reservations at the House of David Hotel in Bethlehem.

In today’s passage, Paul is praying for the congregation in Colossae.  His prayer for them is a rather lengthy list (via the Message translation):

  • Asking God to give them wise minds
  • Asking God to give them wise spirits attuned to His will
  • That they would begin to fully understand the ways in which God works
  • That they will live well for the Master
  • That they will make Him proud of their efforts
  • That they will have strength to persevere through life’s challenges
  • That they will ultimately thank God for everything He has done for them

Being a Confirmation Mentor this year, we offer similar prayers for our little band of apprenticed believers.  We recognize that the boys are all at different stages of their faith journey.  Some may be there because their folks are making them attend – so they will do whatever it takes to “check the box.”  Others may be intrigued by the discussions, but all of this brand new information is causing data overload.  Finally, some may be seriously pondering their faith & are genuinely excited about making their 1st full-fledged commitment to Christ as a believer in their own name.  Regardless of their level of interest, we know that Confirmation is one of the few times they will ever hear a “sales pitch” for Christ – where we logically lay out what we believe & why.

While we realize that many of the boys will drift from God during their formative years, we also know that at some point in their life they will have a spiritual moment; be it a spiritual crisis due to a medical diagnosis or death of a loved one or perhaps a spiritual awakening that comes with the marvel of holding their newborn baby.  Our hope & prayer is that they will then recall some snippet of a story or Scripture from Confirmation & perhaps say, “Maybe I should check out church again.”

As we consider our days’ list of things to do, perhaps we could stop & consider someone we could pray for, mimicking Paul’s list to the Colossians.  It needn’t be limited to a young person, but could be a colleague at work or a neighbor or a member of our family.  (Warning: Something amazing happens as we pray for someone else’s walk with Christ – we find our own faith becomes inspired & encouraged.)

Whew!  With this Insight finished, there is only one item left on my list for today:

  • Procrastinate on my Christmas Shopping.

Check & Done!  (Apparently, some To Do items are easier to complete than others- Editor.)

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