12.17.16 – Insights from Dave Robertson

Dave_RobertsonDave Robertson is the Director of Community Life at the Church of the Resurrection’s West Campus.

Dreams are very interesting to me. I took a short course on dream interpretation one time and learned some very interesting things. The course didn’t, however, explain to me why I dream what I dream.

Most of my dreams are just silly. I rarely have a scary or bad dream. Most of the time I’m playing right field for my favorite baseball team, or something happens that causes me to awaken and laugh.

I have had a couple of “holy” dreams in my life. I believe I had these because God had a message for me at that particular time, and I probably wasn’t listening well during my awake hours. One of these “holy” dreams involved Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.

In my dream, Joseph had just discovered his betrothed, Mary, was with child and he knew it wasn’t his. He decided to seek advice about what to do from a prophet who resided on top of a nearby mountain. After hiking up the mountain, Joseph discovered another man meeting with the prophet with the same issue. He overheard the man ask the prophet, “My betrothed is with child and it is not mine. What should I do?” The prophet responded, “The Scripture proclaims you have the right to have her stoned to death.” That is exactly what the man wanted to hear and he set off down the mountain to see that it was done.

Joseph then asked the prophet the same question. “My betrothed is with child and it is not mine. What should I do?” The prophet responded the same: “The Scripture proclaims you have the right to have her stoned to death.” Joseph responded, “Is there anything else I can do?” The prophet’s response was, “You can have her put away quietly.” That is what, in my dream, Joseph decided to do.

I then awoke. God’s message to me with crystal clear. God chose Joseph to raise the Son of Man, the Christ, because Joseph had a heart like God’s. Joseph sought the most noble thoughts about life and about how to treat others.

There’s no going back to sleep when God gives you a “holy” dream. I went into another room and worked on the Bible study I was teaching. The story was about Abraham having an encounter with God. After the encounter, Abraham gathered rocks and built an altar to the Lord because of the “holy” moment he had had with God. I got up from my chair (in the middle of the night, mind you) and went outside. I found a small flat rock and inscribed the word Joseph on one side, and the Scripture from Genesis on the other. I placed it in the back yard, where I began a small rock garden. Anytime I had a “holy” moment, I added another rock.

God calls you to have a heart like God’s, to seek noble thoughts, dreams, and visions. God will help you with that when you surrender your life to God. Joseph was not alone in coming to the decision to take Mary as his wife. God gave him a message through an angel, or messenger. It took both the noble heart and the message from God to achieve God’s purpose. Seek nobility and God’s message in your life.

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