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7.13.09 Monday Insights from Pastor Andrew Conard

Abram, who would later be known as Abraham, experienced some major transitions in his life in these short verses. Twice Abram left the place where he had been living to set out for a place that God would show him. It is not clear what Abram was expecting when he set out on the journey. All we know from the text is that God tells him to go and he goes.

I like to know where I am going before I begin a journey. This is often possible when I am traveling to a physical destination – vacation, family, etc. However, it is not always possible in the journey through life with God. I believe that God is calling each of us toward the future, but I am not able to see clearly the details of the future. What I know for sure is that God is at work in the world to bring God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. You and I each have the opportunity to live as a part of God’s kingdom and be active in knowing, loving and serving God. Specifically, where will this lead my life? I can’t say for sure, but I do know that God holds the future.

The future that God has for those who seek to follow after Jesus is one in which we are blessed to be a blessing – similar to Abram. God has given gifts to each one and we are called to use these gifts to bless others. Not knowing the exact future may sometimes feel scary, but God promises to care for us and is present with us throughout all of life’s experiences. This is good news.