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9.29.08 Monday Insights from Pastor Andrew Conard

In the passage of scripture for today, Paul follows a familiar pattern among the letters that he writes. The first two greetings contain a greeting in the name of Jesus Christ followed by words of thanksgiving and encouragement to the recipient of the letter. As I was reading through the verses today, the words in verse 11 and 12 stayed with me.

Paul recognizes that he has been appointed to share the good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ and that he has suffered as a result of this particular role. Nevertheless, he has a strong trust in God and remains steadfast in his purpose of sharing this news with others.

Sometimes, I may be discouraged by words from others or even my own thoughts. It does not necessarily take suffering for us to turn away from something to which God has called us. It is too early to get up, I couldn’t take that day off from work, our finances are tight right now… Many things may not include suffering, but keep us from following after God’s dream for our lives.

I am encouraged by these verses to continue following God each day, no matter what the day may bring